Musical Theater Voice Training & Piano/Keyboard Lessons

Voice Training for Musical Theater – and Just for Fun!

Musical Theater voice training classes at Launch Pointe Dance range from serious, performance-based skills development to singing lessons just for the love and fun of it. We help beginners and intermediate singers of all ages to improve their tone, pitch, vocal range and performance. Each student is unique, so instruction is customized to each individual’s skill level and goals. Lessons offered in 30 minute increments.

Scheduling & Availability for Voice and Piano Training.

Contact Michael Middleton at (314) 278-8225 to schedule. 

Michael Middleton Teaches Voice Training at Launch Pointe Dance.

Take your musical theater passion even further with top quality voice training classes at Launch Pointe Dance. Learn from the best with Michael Middleton, one of the most experienced musical theater experts in St. Louis. These private voice training lessons cater to students of all ages, focused on beginner and intermediate skills development to help students achieve their personal best. Students can sign up for ongoing skills development training, individual classes to intensify your preparation for auditions and tryouts, or any time here-and-there just for the love of singing!

  • Classical Voice Training: Whatever musical genre a student ultimately wants to focus on, there is no better way to get started or to hone your fundamental singing and voice skills than with Classical Voice Training. Students learn and develop skills such as: breathing technique; vocal endurance; intonation; phrasing; vocal range development and more.
  • Musical Theater & Competition Training: These vocal training sessions are designed to help aspiring competitors and emerging professionals develop their vocal quality and sound to compete in the highly competitive field of musical theater performance. Students will strengthen and expand their repertoire to fully showcase the full range of their vocal and dramatic abilities as they continue their journey towards vocal excellence and enhance their vocal skills and performance technique.
  • Sight-Singing. Improve your ability to read and sing music from the sheet without the need to hear it first. Sight-singing helps a student improve their ability to “hear” notes and how they will sound in their minds eye, and then sing a song they’ve never heard before, straight from a music sheet. Students learn the fundamentals of reading music, which strengthens their ability to focus on matching their pitch and rhythm to sing a song as it was written. This is an incredibly useful skill for serious students and competitors who are looking to take it to the next level.
  • Vocal Coaching. Vocal Coaching is designed to help experienced singers continue to develop their vocal skills and performance technique. In addition to ongoing vocal coach training for serious competitors and emerging professionals, we also provide intensive group workshops and masterclasses in order to prepare individuals for upcoming auditions and competitions.

Beginner & Intermediate Piano/Keyboard Lessons.

Launch Pointe Dance offers professional one-on-one piano lessons for beginner and intermediate students of all ages. Training is customized to fit the needs and abilities of each student, teaching fundamentals such as how to read notes and rhythms, play scales and basic cords and other essentials. Our expert piano and keyboard training professional, Michael Middleton, will help you learn to play songs of almost any genre you choose to help you feel passionate about learning the instrument and growing your musical skills. Michael’s students range from youngsters being introduced to the joy of music and piano, to youths and adults looking to improve their skills, to older adults who simply want the joy of learning to play or working with a piano accompanist. Your individualized lesson plans will grow with your progress and help you focus on achievement goals.

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