Your Launch Pointe!

Launch Pointe Dance is destined to make a difference in the lives of little ones, youngsters, teenagers and adults – anyone who wants to make dance and musical theater a part of their lives – at any level! Launch is a place to dance and have fun, but more importantly, it’s that ideal comfort zone filled with kids and people who share a love and passion for dance and musical theater. It’s a place to belong and grow, both as a person and as a dancer. It’s your Launch Pointe, a place where you or your child can  grow into who they can and want to be, whether it’s simply being a better person who likes to dance or a full-blown dance and performance professional. Launch into fun or launch towards a career or lifelong passion. We have the staff, connections and resources to help and guide you or your child along the dance path you choose.

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Work Hard. Be Kind.

As a part of the Launch family, students will work hard and be kind. Those are the rules to make Launch the ideal place to build confidence in an environment of mutual respect. It’s everyone together and it’s people as individuals, with everyone focused on respect, hard work and kindness. Work hard to your limits, set and achieve your goals, be kind and have fun. At Launch Pointe Dance, we train the whole dancer, teaching students that they can reach goals and still balance everything in life if they are determined and focused. We know an enthusiastic dedication to dance is a passion that only a dancer understands. It has an amazing ability to produce unparalleled feelings of accomplishment to offset those days when things might not be going your way. That takes focus and hard work, fueled by a lot of kindness along the way, and that’s what you’ll find at Launch Pointe Dance.


At Launch Pointe, learning to balance the important things in life is essential. Students shouldn’t have to give up one activity for another. That’s why we’ve taken a new approach to our curriculum, offering classes in 6-week sessions that are easier to commit to for the short run, and are logical segments of a part-time or full-time commitment to your dance passion. In breaks between sessions, students can take time off or explore new opportunities with guest teachers and specialty master classes for every age, ability and interest. It’s designed to help you balance your dance time to fit in with your school, sports or work commitments, and your need for personal time and space. Join us for a single class, sign on for just one session or dance year-round, always with the ability to create your own scheduling breaks to balance your dance/life commitments. Want to try Musical Theater? Go for it! In 6 short weeks you’ll know if it’s for you or not, then you can sign on for more or try something else. It’s a great way to explore different dance disciplines, find what you love, and keep it all in balance.

“So grateful to have a dance studio in St. Louis that allows my daughter to choose her own dance path by offering training in vocals, dance team technique, and musical theatre along with classes in ballet, tap, lyrical, and hip hop.  It allows her to train and push herself to be the best version of her all while having fun with friends who share her passion for dance no matter their path.  The staff is knowledgeable, kind, and attentive to promoting each individual dancer's strengths.  And the 6 week sessions offered at Launch Pointe Dance keep our calendar balanced allowing time for any other outside activities or interests.“
~Angela Lieberoff~